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Why do you need a 1st Insight inspection, even if you are not buying or selling a house?

OK, so you live in the home of your dreams, or for most of us, a home you can afford anyway, so why do I need a home inspector now? Because a home is just like your automobile, which requires normal maintenance, checks and repairs.

Many of the issues found during a home inspection are caused by deferred household maintenance. The home seller simply did not know what to maintain, or how to properly maintain it. That is where a home maintenance inspection comes in.

Home Maintenance Inspection
Identify's components which are not functioning properly, or in need of repair, as well as finding problematic areas of your house early on, allows you to make, or contract out repairs early, which can save you hundreds, or thousands of dollars in additional repair bills.

The bottom line is, spending hundreds with a 1st Insight Inspection may save your thousands!

The Free Home Information & Maintenance CD With Your Inspection Report

This CD has essential Information for anyone who currently owns a home or is buying a home.
The CD has important information that will save the homeowner hundreds to thousands in future repairs.
The household safety information contains life saving information.
For those do it yourselfers, many common household repairs are explained, there are numerous detailed color images to make understanding easier.A picture is worth a thousand words.
It contains pertinent information so you will understand the major components of your home and how to keep these components in proper working order. Learn how through proper maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs.
There is a bonus section, which explains how to avoid household mold growth and what to do if you locate mold.
Detailed Home Maintenance Checklists for Spring, Fall, Winter, Monthly and what to do if you're leaving your house for the winter.

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