Very Important Information, Please Read Cost Versus Price

No other Valley inspection company costs less than
1st Insight Inspections.

The cost of the inspection is different and unfortunately is usually considered last, if at all. The cost of a service continues for days, weeks, months and even years after the price has been paid.

"How much does it cost?" This is usually the first question people ask when looking to purchase an inspection. If one inspection company quotes $300.00 dollars and another quotes $360.00 for the same property, you would probably think the $300.00 price is the better quote. But if the company who quoted $360.00 takes 3.5 hrs to complete the inspection, and the other takes 2.5 hrs to complete this inspection, then who is actually charging less? Well the company that charged $360.00 is considerably less, and the additional time gives the inspector the needed time to actually do a very thorough inspection. And what about the companies guarantees, and policies?

Price: Some company's market their business on mainly on price, they market to those who mainly focus on what the price of the inspection is, 1st Insight Inspections markets to those who focus on the cost, those who want the best possible inspection available. An inspection which also includes the best detailed report, while still receiving competitive pricing. You can always find someone to do something for a cheaper price in any business, however that is not usually the best decision, especially with your largest investment - your home.

Motivation: Yes 1st Insight, like all businesses, is in business to make a profit, but the bigger motivation for us is the fact - we love to provide the best inspection service possible. We are always proud of our work, and we always stand behind it. And we are by no means the most expensively priced inspection company in the valley, we should be for the level of service we provide, but we are not.

All Inspection Service is Not Equal: Hiring someone for a service is not the same as buying a consumer product, then you can compare apples to apples exactly (same brand, same product, & same model number). When it comes to service, and you really offer superior service, you can't offer that level of service and have cheap pricing. There are major differences in inspection companies and their level of inspection service and in the reports that they produce.

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