The Purpose

We want you to have additional peace of mind when you receive a property inspection. This plan offers protection 90 days from the date of the inspection, or 30 days after the closing date on the property, whichever occurs first. Specifically for covered items and components, the inspector should have noted from a limited visual property inspection.

The vast majority of inspection companies don't, and will never offer this additional protection. We offer it because of the confidence in our abilities, training and thoroughness.

* The 90 Day Protection Plan is offered only to owner occupied properties of one family houses, including patio homes, and condominiums (excluding common areas & elements).

What’s Covered Structural

Foundation Walls: Includes poured concrete, stone, and block foundation walls to the extent that their load bearing ability is affected. Water penetrations are not covered.

Main Roofing: Includes sloped roofing materials (greater than 2 in 12 slope). As well as the roof’s framing and sheathing materials.

What's Covered Mechanical

Central Cooling System: Includes the main structures cooling system, and is limited to two units. Units over 9 years in age are not covered.

Central Heating System: Includes the main structures heating system, and is limited to two units. Electric heating units over 9 years in age are not covered, and fuel heating units are not covered over 11 years in age. Unaccessible / hidden from view, areas of heat exchangers are not covered.

Exterior Electric: Includes the main electrical supply panel box, and exterior wall receptacles (outlets).

Interior Electric: Includes the main electric supply panel box, interior lighting, accessible wall
switches, and accessible wall receptacles (outlets).

Interior Plumbing: Includes electric water heaters up to 5 years in age and fuel water heaters up to
7 years in age. Refurbished water heaters are excluded. Additionally the operation of water, drainage, and vent piping throughout the structures interior, in structures less than 30 years in age.

What’s Not Covered

Items in the inspection report which have comments, issues, or are noted to monitor, are excluded from this protection plan.
Items in the report marked as Not Inspected, or Not Present, are not covered, or Items which were Unaccessible.
Items which are not part of the inspection report are not covered.
Items in the inspection report that are noted, at or beyond average/normal life span are not covered.
Items damaged by natural disasters or war, are not covered.
Replacement of light bulbs are not included.
Any and all damage caused by subsidence failure of supporting soils is not covered.
All cosmetic imperfections, and painting of exterior and interior are not covered.
All household appliances are not covered.
Upgrading or bringing items up to code are not covered.
Air conditioning compressors are not covered.
Mold and mold related problems are not covered.
Any damage caused by vermin (insects, termites, rodents, etc.) Any hazardous material related claim.
Any claim or part of a claim which result from a loss in power.
Swimming pools, and Spas.
All items which are covered are listed (above) and any coverage not specifically listed is presumed to be excluded.


1st Insight Inspections will pay a maximum amount of $2,500 at any one location, for the cost of repairs of covered items and components, subject to the following conditions:

1. Any one item or component will be eligible for coverage under this plan up to a maximum of $1,500.00 for any Structural item, and $600.00 for any Mechanical item.
2. A service fee of $65.00 per incident or claim. The client is responsible for the payment of this fee.
3. The Protection Plan is provided exclusively for the benefit of the home buying client and may not be transferred or assigned to another party.
4. The arranging access, as well as protection, and security of the property, while the item or component is repaired, is solely the clients responsibility.
5. Repair and/or replacement will be like in kind.

Unaccessible Areas / Items

Home inspectors do not move the occupant’s possessions during the inspection. Moving items can be an infringement of the occupant’s privacy, and my cause damage or breakage of the item(s). Additionally some items may be heavy, and or cumbersome and cause injury to the inspector. Areas / Items blocked by possessions during the inspection are not covered in this warranty. It is prudent to do a walk through when the house is vacant before the close of escrow. Or for better protection, hire the home inspector for a final walk through before the close of escrow.

Exclusions & Limitations

Any losses recoverable under homeowners insurance, or manufacturers, contractors, and/or extended warranty programs, as well as any home warranty plan.
All claims which are related to the design of any component or item or its failure to comply with any local, state or national code are excluded.

In the event of a dispute between the client and the inspection company, pertaining to the inspection company's liability under this protection plan, it shall be resolved between both parties by binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. An arbitrator familiar with the home inspection process needs to conduct the proceeding. The award of the arbitrator shall be final. Time of the essence, no action of any kind can be commenced after 90 days of the inspection date.

Claim Procedure

1st Insight Inspections must be notified in writing via email, of any claim prior to any repairs. 1st Insight Inspections may, in cases of emergency, authorize a repair by telephone. Failure to abide by these produces will void this protection plan. Send claims to 1st.insight@gmail.com

* This 90 Day Protection Plan is offered only to owner occupied properties of one family houses, including patio homes, and condominiums. Excludes manufactured homes. Furthermore the 90 Protection Plan is not available with any inspection performed with any special offer applied towards the fee. Only combo home and termite inspections performed together, and that were charged and paid with 1st Insight Inspection's standard fees carry this protection plan. Plans effective date is 2-15-2013. Inspection Costs