The Reasons to Use 1st Insight Inspections

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1. Within 3 days of the inspection, if the customer feels they were not given the necessary information from 1st Insight Inspections to make an informed decision on the property, 1st Insight will refund the inspection fee...
2. And 1st Insight will pay the inspection fee for another inspection company, to inspect the same property. The customer chooses the inspection company for the re-inspection. The company chosen must be in good standing with the BTR and insured. To see if the inspector is in good standing and active with the AZ Bureau of Technical Registration
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2  IF WE MISSED IT WE WILL FIX IT” ™ 90 DAY PROTECTION PLAN: (With every paid combo home and termite inspection)
We want you to have additional peace of mind when you receive a property inspection. This plan offers protection 90 days from the date of the inspection, or 30 days from the close of escrow, which ever occurs first. Specifically for covered items and components, the inspector should have noted from a limited visual property inspection. The vast majority of inspection companies don’t, and will never offer this additional protection. We offer it because of the confidence in our abilities, training and thoroughness. The Protection Plan is offered only to owner occupied properties of one family houses, including condominiums (excluding common areas & elements)
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This warranty applies when 1st Insight Inspections conducts a paid home and termite inspection with a WDIR (wood destroying infestation report). As long as there are no signs of termite infestation, or signs conducive for them. The warranty is for a 90 day period, it extends from the day of the inspection, and ends on day 91.
The warranty is offered by Strike Force, and it will be sent along with the termite (WDIR) report.

Within 60 days of the inspection, if another inspection is needed because the closing did not go through for any reason, then 1st Insight will perform the second inspection for the same customer with up to a $100.00 discount ($25.00 termite inspection - which is 1/2 off, and up to $75.00 off the inspection fee) from the regular listed inspection fees (price per sq ft). Excludes investment properties, additional services, and any additional fees if applicable. The Minimum home inspection fee will be $275.00, and $25.00 for a termite inspection, after any discount. The discount depends on the sq footage (cost) of the second property to be inspected.

In Arizona, only a 25,000 bond is what is required of a home inspector. 1st Insight Inspections has a 1/2 million dollar insurance policy. If an inspector who has just a bond is negligent, even if they agree that they were, you would need to file suit against them and win a judgment to recoup your losses - that's how a bond works. And what if the losses were more than 25,000? - well good luck! 1st Insight’s policy also holds harmless any agent who should refer their services, this is called "Referring Party Indemnification".

As part of our service 1st Insight offers a free appliance ReCallCheck. It is a free service with every 1st Insight Inspections paid home inspection, for owner occupied properties (not investment properties), and as long as the inspection was not part of any special offer, or coupon promotion. This appliance recall check is way above and beyond the scope of a home inspection. Please understand that this is not part of the home inspection, and any findings are not the responsibility of the seller. 1st Insight Inspections utilizes a third party service for appliance consumer recalls, this company has compiled over 205 million recalls from public records to create a fail safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances. If a manufacturer designs a dangerous product, they MUST recall that item and fix it free of charge.

We will open an online account for you and enter your water heater, heating, and cooling model numbers (as long as the label information is readable). ReCall Check will tell you if there is a recall on these items, and monitor these items to see if a recall happens sometime in the future. If you have a recalled item they will tell you how you can go about getting it fixed or replaced for free. You will have the ability to login to your online account and add additional appliances such as a dishwasher, washer and dryer, or when ever you buy new appliances add them as well, there is never an additional cost do this this. You will be updated each month by e-mail.

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If you would like to purchase this alone, you may do so, the cost is $79.95 - you would enter the appliance make, and model numbers, into your online account to generate the report. Or for a cost of $100.00 to $125.00 we would come to your property and gather the information and create the online account for you. Purchase ReCall Chek


• WE WILL FIX SOME OF THE MINOR ITEMS FOR FREE: (With every paid combo home and termite inspection)
Very often during an inspection the inspector finds small, but important items which need correction. Items such as a loose cabinet door, a missing or improper screw,a broken or missing electrical receptacle cover (we will supply a max of 3 per property), a loose drain connection (we hand tighten drain connections all the time), a dead battery in the thermostat, etc. We have found it can be almost just as quick to fix these items, rather than to spend the time documenting them in the inspection report. So for this reason our inspectors carry parts and tools with them to remedy such items (within reason). We factor in about 10 minutes per inspection for this need. We do not charge you for this service, and once and a while time constraints will prevent us from being able to make such repairs. This is a courtesy to help make the home purchase process easier for all, especially when an FHA or VA loan is involved. We will not fix any items intended for investment, an obvious fixer upper, or any commercial properties.

• Our Inspection Exceeds the Arizona State Requirements for a Home Inspection: 
For example we don't just inspect one window per room, as per state standards, but every window (as long as it is not blocked from access) and we don't just test one or two electric receptacle per room, as per state standards, but every receptacle - top and bottom (as long as it is not blocked from access). We traverse the entire length of the attic, we don't just peek our head through the access cover. We are very detailed and thorough!

• Irrigation System Inspected at No Charge:
An important item -the irrigation system, is not considered part of a standard home inspection. However we understand the importance of water in the desert, and we will test the system as a courtesy.

 Our Inspection Findings Review: 
We always like the buyer and the agent to be present for a thorough review of the inspection findings. This way the inspector can point out the areas of concern and thoroughly explain why the item will need to be monitored, repaired, or replaced. But we understand that people are not always available for a review at the property, and that is one of the reasons why we provide such a detailed report.

• Our Report is the Most Superior Inspection Report in the Industry - Period: 

The report is full of color images with arrows and circles as needed to clearly define the area being discussed. The report is an extension of the inspection, the better the report, the better the inspection. The summary has two sections, Comments and Issues, they separate the minor from the more critical findings.
Below is the same sample report, with the photos handled 3 different ways. (Reports also provided in Adobe PDF format for printing)

A. Choose the Report Format that Works Best for You:

B • View the Report in Multiple Languages: 
Our software is able to take advantage of Google Translate which will allow the customer to view the entire inspection report in just about any language!
C Inspection Report Summary:
We provide a unique summary section which is of great benefit, the summary is broken into two parts: Comments, which is General information and marginal items, and Issues, which are items that need repair or replacement and/or additional evaluation by a licensed contractor or certified technician.
D Inspection Report Delivery:
We do not print the report on site, because we want the time to thoroughly look over the report,
not only to make sure nothing was missed, but to double check the grammar and spelling. We will also add some web links to sites which can provide more information on issues found at the inspection.

• Inspection Value: 
The cost of the inspection is different and unfortunately is usually considered last, if at all. The cost of a service continues for days, weeks, months and even years after the price has been paid. View More